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Här finns skivbutiken.

Vi ses! / LD

We play HERE:

31 JANUARI 2014. At new concert house Spira in Jönköping. There's even a whole Småland tour around these dates. Gnosjö, Mullsjö, Sävsjö and other very very small places. Sehr cool.

21 FEB. Victoriateatern Malmö. Exclusive in-between-albums show. Few tickets(183).

2014 NOVEMBER. Very cool thing with Norrbottens kammarorkester. Norrland tour.



This is the project that turned out to be big. We have made around seven records since 1999 (2003). The best one is Loney Noir (2007) but some people think the last album Hall Music (2011) is the better. You can buy them all from my dad and he can even send you t-shirts like the ones my best buddy friends David and Malin is wearing. The picture below is from a trip to Argentina a few years ago. The future holds something mighty good.


Reach Emil: nilsemil@gmail.com

Booking Europe: Stefan@pitchandsmith.com

Booking Scandinavia (bigger things): robin@luger.se

Sync + publishing = Johnny.Tennander@sonyatv.com (nilsemil@gmail.com)

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